With Dragones CRM you have the ability to quickly review customer information whether on a mobile device or a desktop computer. Users can log interactions with companies and individuals, and schedule future appointments with calendar integration. Account managers can collaborate using note functionality. Dragones CRM is the only integrated application that will allow your users the ability to see line level detail of Bayern Software's Steel Plus or Capstone ERP's quotes and orders. Activity rules will even suggest companies to contact based on logic linked with ERP data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is all the rage these days, but if you've tried using an off-the-shelf app like Microsoft CRM or Salesforce.com, you’ve felt the frustration of dealing with (and most likely paying a steep price for) an application that’s not integrated with your chosen ERP system.

If that’s the case, we have exactly what you need!


What is Dragones CRM?

In early 2017, we set out on a mission to find a better way for metal service centers to improve their sales and marketing efforts and enhance all communications related to customers and sales-related activities.

One possibility was to create custom integrations for popular metals ERP systems with an off-the-shelf system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce.com, but that was cost-prohibitive and fraught with peril to boot.

The path we chose was to build something from scratch. Dragones Software was born and we rapidly developed a new CRM system that can be tightly integrated with popular metals ERP systems as well as third-party services like Google Maps.



Mange your sales and marketing efforts by tracking your customers and prospective customers and the Dragones CRM users who work for them. Track revenue and profit*.  Store forecasts and track performance against them.

* Relevant data stored in your ERP is automatically synchronized hourly.




An “activity” is any interaction with a customer. Activity types such as “face-to-face meeting” or “telephone call” are user-definable. Dragones CRM tracks upcoming and historical customer activities.  Notes can be associated with activities. Because it’s integrated with your ERP system, Dragones CRM can automatically generate activities based on predefined rules such as:

* A thank you note must be sent upon receipt of an order of $10,000 or more

* Every customer must be visited face-to-face at least once a year

* Any customer that has not requested a quote or placed an order within the last 30 days must receive a call

* Every customer that has not placed an order within the last 90 days must receive a call



Radically improve critical communications using Dragones CRM’s robust notes functionality. You can require certain other users to read a note. Another user can specifically respond to a note or simply add a comment.





We understand that you’ll need to prevent some users from seeing certain information, so we’ve built quite a bit of security into Dragones CRM. In fact, you can even restrict a user from accessing companies or viewing the notes and activities for companies that he or she is not associated with.

We also understand that you want to keep your CRM data out of the hands of your competitors. All Unlike Salesforce.com and other CRM systems, Dragones does not store your CRM data. You are in complete control of your CRM data which is stored in Microsoft SQL Server. Your data can reside on either an on-premises or a cloud-based server.


Device Compatibility

Dragones CRM is compatible with PC workstations as well as mobile device including Apple iPad/iPhone and a wide variety of Android phones and tablets. Dragones CRM automatically adjusts the number of columns displayed on screen to fit the device you’re using. When accessing Dragones CRM from outside your local area network, your CRM data can be kept secure by utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Leading Edge Technology

Dragones CRM uses a Microsoft SQL Server database. HTML5 and CSS3 are used in all web front-end code. This allows for lightning-fast screen loads with the most modern controls.

Minimum System Requirements

Physical Server/ Virtual Machine - Microsoft Windows Server 2012 running IIS and SQL Server 2012(Express or higher)

Alternate Cloud Server – Microsoft Azure

Desktop - New Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome

Mobile - iOS: Safari, Android:Chrome

"We have been using Dragones CRM when it was first established and immediately began seeing the benefits of the application. The synchronization with [our ERP] has allowed for rapid knowledge transfer between our outside and inside sales force. In the short time we’ve been working with this, it has become a vital tool for our sales team. The development has been swift with more features added with every new release."

Bill M.
IT Manager
ICI Metals

"Now that I've been using the "add upcoming activity" feature on the CRM for the last month, I have to say it's awesome. It allows nothing to slip between the cracks and keeps all current activity in front of me, so I know when to follow up and when to call. I hope everyone is using it."

Steve K.
Outside Sales Representative
Benner Metals Corporation